Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seeking Balance on the Highest Court

Following Justice John Paul Stevens’ retirement announcement and Obama’s subsequent nomination of Elena Kagan to fill Stevens’ seat, there’s been a lot of buzz about “who’s what” on the Supreme Court.

Per the opinion of some, New York already is over-represented. Per the opinion of others, the potential lack of a Protestant seems cause for alarm.

Neither of those possibilities bothers me. New York happens to be incredibly well-populated, and it always has been. So, statistically, it makes a certain amount of sense that it would be home to a disproportionate number of well-educated, well-qualified professionals.

As for the religious stuff, I’m not convinced that a person’s affiliation with a particular dogma adequately defines him or her. There are too many examples of elected officials whose “walk” is at odds with their “talk.” And then there are those on the other end of the spectrum – those who may attend mass a few times a week and still genuinely honor the separation of church and state.

So, since those particular “identifiers” don’t really concern me, I decided to raise my own question regarding the matters of who and what. I decided to throw another demographic query into the mix. What is the astrological breakout of the current Supreme Court, and how does nominee Elena Kagan fit in?

Go ahead and laugh at my question, but here’s the deal: I’m a Libra. My sign is the sign of the scales. And oh no, honey, I’m not talking about the scales you dread standing on after a weekend that included two consecutive all-you-can-eat buffets. I’m talking about the scales of JUSTICE! Mine is the sign of an individual who weighs, balances, and pursues fairness.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a few Libras on the Supreme Court?

Let’s check it out…

Okay, first: Stevens – the guy who’s retiring – was born on April 20th. That’s the first day of Taurus (an EARTH sign; the sign of the bull).

Elena Kagan, nominated to replace him, was born on April 28th. Also a Taurus. And while I am absolutely sure that Obama did not consider this fact when planning to fill Stevens’ seat, I think it’s fabulously coincidental.

(I also relate to it. In fact, if you saw an accounting of the men I’ve invited into my boudoir over the course of my adulthood, you’d see that I’ve often replaced a Taurus with a Taurus. I don’t know what it is about the bull, but I always fall for it.)

Oh, sorry, this really isn’t about me…

Okay, so the rest of the court:

John Roberts was born on January 27th, making him an Aquarius (like Libra and Gemini, an AIR sign.)

Samuel Alito’s birthday is April 1st. What? April Fool’s Day? Doesn’t that just seem so wrong in this context? Anyway, Alito’s foolish birthday makes him an Aries, which is a FIRE sign.

Two other fires are on the bench: Anthony Kennedy was born on July 23rd, the first day of Leo. And Stephen Breyer, also a Leo, was born on August 15th .

The rest are WATER signs.

Two Cancers: (Clarence Thomas – June 23rd, and Sonia Sotomayor – June 25th).

Two Pisces: (Antonin Scalia – March 11th, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg – March 15th).

That’s four WATERs, three FIREs, one AIR, and one EARTH.

And not a single goddamn Libra among them.

Frankly, I’m offended.

And here’s another thing: With a near majority of justices in WATER, I can’t help but consider a certain homonymic phrase: Row versus wade.

We’ll just have to see what happens.


CHERI said...

Thanks SO much for visiting my simple little blog! It definitely isn't as interesting as yours, but feel free to come back and visit anytime. I look forward to checking out yours, too.

DiggerBren said...

Hmmm, if Thomas and Sotomayor are as high up on the moody Cancer scale as I am, we're all in trouble...

Anonymous said...

...and not a Scorpio among them either - what is the world coming to? Love the blog, will come back again to read more. Thanks for stopping by Flossie's blog and passing this link to me. Debbie :-)

Anonymous said...

"Row vs. Wade" - my dear, you are nothing short of a wordsmith...or wordsmithess...

...and no Virgos in there either!!!!!!

carma said...

but not one of my water sign (Aquarius) among them - which isn't a bad thing since we aren't exactly renowned for our stability :D

PS. Loved the Lebowitz quote about sleep -- and I did get lots this morning -- hoping for another shot tomorrow!

Hope you are having a delightful weekend...

Katie Gates said...

Carma, glad you enjoyed the Lebowitz (and some sleep). I read the essay in '79 and have never forgotten that line! BTW, I don't want to throw off your sense of place on the astral plane, but Aquarius is an air sign (like me!). I know it's counterintuitive. As with Aries, which is a fire sign. Go figure! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll return.

Jayne Martin said...

Katie, thank you for stopping by injaynesworld. New followers are the best way to find wonderful writers like yourself. Love this clever post. I look forward to lots of interesting exchanges with you.

Also, consider getting the Disqus system for comments. It's a great way to interact with your readers.

Jojo said...

I think you might be on to something! Like you I'm a Libra and your right, there needs to be a Libra on the court!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting a comment.

Green Monkey said...'re a great find! clever...very clever! yes, you are most certainly on to something!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Hah! I love your perspective on this! I'll be back to read more of your posts.

Emily said...

Oh! As a fellow Libra, I'm with you: this is an outrage!

criticalcrass said...

hi! thanks SO MUCH for following picky and leaving it some love! you're a gem!

Cheryl said...

I just came by to thank you for stopping by to leave such a sweet comment and I land here in heaven!

There are so many damn Libras around me there are days I just want to scream. I'm a Pisces for heaven's sake. Stop making sense already yet!

I gotta say, you are absolutely on to something that could change the face of the court. Get a Libra or two on the bench and get out of the way. They will carefully weigh both sides and slowly wear everyone down until we stop having these 5-4 votes. Sure they'll have problems with the fiery folks, but even they will eventually come around or start using their heads for a change.

See how well you presented your case? I'm sold.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Hey, I'm an aries with something Libra...I can't find my chart...that must mean something! Thanks for coming to my blog on this crazy day.

cjschlottman said...

"Rowe versus wade." Priceless! Me? I'm a Aries - fiery but sometimes dark and cold. I think I would make a wonderful justice.

I love this piece and will be back for more.

Oh, and thanks for your comment on The Red Sweater. I hope you'll visit again soon.

DanWins said...

Have to agree with everyone else the "Rowe v Wade" is a fantastic turn.

My Question: What about us Sags.? As Hunters we are the most logical to carry out and enforce the decisions of the court. Not to mention seek and Hunt out the Truth.

Oh well, maybe someday.